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Results – Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge, Class –II, Preliminary Examination, 2019

Results – Madhya Pradesh Civil Judge, Class –II, Preliminary Examination, 2019

Results are out!!

Madhya Pradesh High Court has released the results of Preliminary Examination held on 23rd February, 2019 on 13th March, 2019 i.e. today, vide Notification numbered 74/Exam/CJ/2019.

Key Highlights of the Results:

  1. Number of vacancies:

The number of vacancies was surprisingly high this time (which were subsequently further increased) as compared to the previous year vacancies considering the fact that a large number of 140 vacancies were released in the second half of 2018. The category wise vacancies:

U.R.99 (95+4)
S.C.31 (30+1)
S.T. 60 (58+2)
  1. Change in the Answer Key:

There is a change in the Answer Key of First Shift. As far as Question No. 60 is concerned, option no. 3 which was previously held correct has been changed to option no. 1. There are no other corrections in the official Answer Key provided.

  1. Cut-offs:

The Results provided the category wise cut-offs i.e. cut-off for each category:

  1. Scorecards:

The scorecards of candidates are yet to be uploaded by the Authority but are expected to be uploaded soon. Candidates can access the same through their Log-in ID and Password.

  1. Qualification for Mains Examination:

The list of candidates who have successfully qualified for Mains Examination is attached in the Notification itself. Successful Candidates have to submit their Application Form for Mains Examination, along with self-attested copies of relevant documents, on or before 5th April, 2019. The Application Form can be downloaded from their official website.

We are happy to announce that the cut-offs were the same as predicted by us.

We have also prepared the Analysis of the Examination and have uploaded it on our Website. You can access the same by clicking on the link http://www.lawqedu.com/analysis-madhya-pradesh-civil-judge-class-ii-preliminary-examination-2019/.

Official Websites:

  1. MPHC: mphc.gov.in.
  2. MPOnline: mponline.gov.in.



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