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A Message to our Readers

A Message to our Readers

Dear all,

I would like to thank you all for taking out time from your busy schedule and visiting our website. I am deeply humbled by the response that LawQ has received. LawQ is not only a website which provides you updates and knowledge on different laws in force in the country but it is an Online Law Learning Platform which helps you to learn the laws in the best possible way.

LawQ was launched in the month of January, 2018 with an Aim to help you all in understanding and learning laws of the Country and spreading legal awareness across the Country. LawQ currently is working on 5 platforms- (a) Its Website, (b) FB Page, (c) Instagram, (d) LinkedIn and (e) Youtube. LawQ is run by a team of 4 which comprises of a group of Law Students from different Law Schools who are highly educated, well qualified and distinguished personalities in their respective fields and are working together cohesively towards the accomplishment of a common Aim and Mission.

LawQ is a platform for all whether he or she belongs to field of law or not. It is an Online Law Learning Platform for Law Students, Law Seekers, CLAT Aspirants and a Common Man. In order to give effect to the same, LawQ has devised 5 specific Corners:

  1. Law School Corner: Law School Corner consists of updates on various Extra-curricular Competitions, Job Vacancies and Internship Opportunities for Law School Students.
  2. CLAT Corner: CLAT Corner consists of updates, materials and mocks especially designed for CLAT Aspirants to help them in acing their Entrance Examination.
  3. Knowledge Box: Knowledge Box consists of relevant information, updates and materials on different laws in force in the Country.
  4. Publications: Publications is a Corner for Bloggers and Authors to help them in getting their works published.
  5. Our Events: ‘Our Events’ is a column consisting of details of different Events and Competitions organised by LawQ.

As you see, we not only focus on excelling of Law Students in Law Colleges and CLAT Aspirants in CLAT, but we also focus on equipping a Common Man with the knowledge of Law. The reason behind this is that our Country follows the maxim “Ignorance of Law is no Excuse”. Most of us being busy with our own lives are ignorant of the laws of the Country even though they are notified to us by the Government in the best possible way they can or are not able to understand the laws due to its complex nature and language. In order to overcome this problem, I along with my team am trying to simplify the complicated concepts of law in the best possible way we can and for this purpose, we have created Knowledge Box where we will be trying to explain different laws of the Country in the best simplified form.

Keeping all these things in mind, the motto of LawQ was set that is Read.Learn.Spread which meant Read the Law, Learn the Law, Spread the Law. LawQ’s Aim and Mission is to work together with Law Aspirants, Law Students and Law Seekers to help them in achieving their desired goals and to equip a Common Man with the knowledge of laws in the Country.

LawQ is on a Mission which is impossible without your help. Success is only possible when we work together. Therefore, I would humbly request you to come forward and help LawQ in achieving its Aim, Mission and Vision. I will be grateful for your humble cooperation and contribution.

I thank you again for stopping by and I promise to repay your kindness by making your time here fulfilling, enriching, and perhaps even transformative.


-Sanyam Khare,

Director, Founder of LawQ

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