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How to ace CLAT 2018 in last two weeks?

How to ace CLAT 2018 in last two weeks?

Tips by AIR 32

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is scheduled to happen on May 13, 2018. This article will provide you with some valuable inputs on how you should go about revising for the paper and attempting the paper.

    Be clear about which Section you are going to attempt, when and how much time you will allocate for it.
    A possible strategy that works for a lot of students is:

GK [10 minutes];

Legal [35-38 minutes];

Logic/English [25-27 minutes each];

Maths [10-15 minutes].

This is just one of the ways to attempt the paper; keep in mind how you attempt the paper depends on your strengths/weaknesses.


    There are 5 subjects that are part of the exam. Go section wise:

There are broadly 5 parts to this section: Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, Contracts and Constitutional Law. Go over the basics of each section and do around 20 questions on each of these.
This will ensure that you cover all the concepts and have also done practice. In addition, do a set of 50 questions in a timed manner at least twice before May 13.

This section has two parts: Currents Affairs and Static GK. For the former, a candidate must revise GK compendiums from any online source (Clatgyan, Jagranjosh) [If possible, also revise the magazines (Pratiyogita Darpan/Competition in focus) for all the 12 months]. Considering the vast nature of Static GK and the fact that in almost all the previous CLAT papers around 60-70% questions have been from current GK, it is advisable to only revise current GK unless a candidate has already read Static GK and has made some notes over which he may go through.

Go through the basics, you may use your own notes or any standard book on English grammar. In addition, practice various reading passages and also practice questions based on grammar/meanings.

There are two parts to this section: Analytical and critical logic. To revise this and be confident about this section, doing practice questions from any book or mocks will help.

Revise the basics from notes/any basic book on Maths [remember CLAT tests you on elementary mathematics; some of the topics include averages, percentage, time and speed, etc.]. Do around 40- 50 questions [general questions based on the above mentioned topics], analyse your performance and focus on areas where you have issues.

    Do around five mock tests in the next ten-twelve days. Do not forget to analyse your performance in each of these and also observe if there are any issues with how you are attempting the paper.
    P.S: At this stage, whatever questions you are doing for revision, please do not forget to time
    yourself. It will help you gauge how much time to allot to which portion of the paper and also help you improve in terms of time management.


Best wishes,

Harpreet Singh Gupta,

CLAT Mentor, LawQ.

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