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“GST- States Sacrifice Autonomy” By Anind Umrao

The 101st Amendment Act which creates the constitutional framework for the GST also creates a GST Council to resolve issues of implementation. Article 279A of the amended constitution talks about the GST Council which consist of the members of both the State as well as the Centre, wherein the Chairperson of the GST Council would […]


The sovereign potency of India is the Constitution of India, which laid down the principles under & pursuant to which the Government could operate its various multidimensional functions. That constitution of India itself likewise provides elementary fundamental rights to every particular individual of India. The Rudimentary rights granted by the constitution of India are defined […]

“Uncertainty under Pre-existing Duty Rule” by Anind Umrao

According to the customary definition, consideration may be demarcated either as a hindrance caused by the promisee or an advantage gained by the promisor in return for the promise. It’s simply a benefit which the contracting party derives or expects to receive from a contractual transaction. Consideration predominately has remained to be one of the […]

“Applicability of Section14 ‘Moratorium’ to Personal Guarantors: The Supreme Court answers in the negative- A Comparative Analysis between the regimes in US vis-a-vis UK and India on this issue” by SAGAR SURI

  One would say potato and the other would say spud. Somebody would like fries and another, chips. There are many other (and more important) differences between the India, US and UK legal and corporate governance regimes, but whether you are in India, US or the UK, dealing with businesses in distress is both, a […]

How to ace CLAT 2018 in last two weeks?

How to ace CLAT 2018 in last two weeks?

Tips by AIR 32 The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is scheduled to happen on May 13, 2018. This article will provide you with some valuable inputs on how you should go about revising for the paper and attempting the paper. HAVE A CLEAR STRATEGY ABOUT ATTEMPTING THE PAPER Be clear about which Section you are […]

“Excel Crop Care Ltd vs. Competition Commission of India- The Relevant Turnover” by Arundhati Diljit

The Competition Act, 2002 [1] is still in its infancy and various uncertainties and ambiguities have developed despite its relatively short period of application. One such ambiguity which arose was the ambit of the term ‘turnover’, as given in Section 27(b), while calculating the penalty for anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominance. Did turnover mean […]