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The Bar Council of India recently conducted All India Bar Exam – XIII (“AIBE”) on December 23, 2018. The Candidates who pass this exam will be granted Certificate of Practice by the Bar Council. AIBE was an ‘Open Book’ Examination and students were allowed to carry relevant material for the examination including Bare Acts. There were total 100 questions in the Examination and every correct attempt was awarded 1(one) mark. There was no negative marking. The subject-wise distribution is provided below in the table.

Name of Law

No of questions

Level of Difficulty


Constitutional Law 10 Easy – Medium
Indian Penal Code 8 Very Easy – Easy
Code of Criminal Procedure 10 Very Easy – Easy
Code of Civil Procedure 10 Very Easy – Easy
Indian Evidence Act 8 Very Easy – Easy
Alternate Dispute Redressal including Arbitration Act 4 Easy
Family Law 8 Very Easy – Easy
Public Interest Litigation 4 Easy
Administrative Law 3 Easy
Professional Ethics and cases of Professional misconduct under BCI Rules 4 Easy
Company Law 2 Easy
Environmental Law 2 Easy
Cyber Law 2 Easy
Labour and Industrial Laws 4 Easy
Law of Torts, including Motor Vehicles Act and Consumer Protection Laws 5 Very Easy – Easy
Law related to Taxation 4 Easy
Law of Contract, Specific Relief, Property Laws, Negotiable Instrument Act 8 Very Easy – Easy
Land Acquisition Act 2 Easy
Intellectual Property Laws 2 Easy
Total 100 Very Easy – Easy

Analysis of the Paper:

Out of 100 questions spread across 19 sections, around 60 to 65 questions were from Bare Acts. The remaining questions were sourced from major case-laws and illustrations of the Sections. Unlike some of previous AIBE papers, this time there were no reasoning based questions in the paper.

* There was very little repetition of questions from past year papers. Aspirants who would have solved previous year papers dedicatedly would have found the paper a bit handy as it would have given them a good idea of the kind of questions being asked in the paper.

 Overall Conclusion:

Overall, the difficulty of the paper ranged from Very Easy to Easy. For one to ace this examination, he/she should have carried indexed versions of all the major Bare Acts with some knowledge of the major case laws. He/she should also be very comfortable with Bare Acts and areas of law in general.

A reading of the material provided on the All India Bar Examination website would also have helped students with learning of major case laws.

There were a couple of discrepancies in the Question Paper. However, objections regarding the same were invited by AIBE.

Answer Key:

The answer key has been released by AIBE on their official website. The same can be accessed by visiting their official website.

Results to be declared:

The results are to be declared soon, the exact date for the same has not been notified on the website.

Tip for Aspirants:

Preparation to be done for clearing AIBE:

  1. Go through past year AIBE papers.
  2. Preparatory material made available by BCI for AIBE should be read through.
  3. Indexed Bare Acts must be carried on the day of Examination.




This Analysis is made by LawQ Experts with assistance of Tanvi Dabir, Associate at Khaitan & Co.

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