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A Talk with Anshuman Shukla – A Law Aspirant who aspire to become a part of Judiciary.

A Talk with Anshuman Shukla – A Law Aspirant who aspire to become a part of Judiciary.

Tell us something about yourself?

I am Anshuman Shukla from Jawaharlal School, Bhopal and I recently gave my 12th Boards (Commerce stream). I appeared for few Law Entrance Examinations including CLAT, SLAT, MHCET and LSAT and currently I am preparing for interviews for admission in Law Schools. I aspire to become a Judge and a part of Judiciary.

How was your experience appearing for Law Entrance Examinations?

The experience was different from what I was expecting. I found LSAT a bit difficult as it was quite lengthy. CLAT was pretty easy, but couldn’t be that scoring due to technical glitches (a generalized view). Other Law Entrance Exams like SLAT and MHCET didn’t surprise us as their difficulty level was the same as was expected to be.

How do you see cut-offs this time?

When it comes to CLAT, scoring is going to be high, there will be few high scores in 160s-170s but overall cut-offs will be low because a lot of aspirants faced technical glitches and lost somewhere around 5-15 minutes, thus resulting into loss of 10-30 marks. When it comes to LSAT, they have percentile system. But if we look at marks which an Aspirant should have scored, though the paper was lengthy, but since it was easy, cut-off can be expected to be somewhere around 102. If you have scored around 115, you can expect call from JGLS (Jindal).

Where do you see yourself in few months?

I am waiting for my CLAT results. For now, I have my interview scheduled at Narsee Munjee and Symbiosis. I preferably would choose Narsee Munjhee considering its location in Mumbai and its proximity to Bombay High Court. I am also keeping UPES into consideration keeping in view the goodwill it has earned in the past few years. I am not taking drop for sure. The following weeks are very crucial weeks. Let’s hope for the best.

You seem to be pretty confident that you are going to be a law student in few months, do you have plans or preparation as to what you will be doing in your First Year or any expectations that you have being a Law Student?

For past few months, I have been quite focused in preparing for my entrance examinations, so I haven’t really given a thought to it. Even if I think of it, I don’t have a clear picture as to what a law school or a life of law student in a law school is. So, currently I have no plans. Probably will spend it in understanding my law school and my life as a law student, setting my life goals and getting ragged by Seniors.

Where do you see yourself after completing graduation?

If things go normal, I see myself as a part of Judiciary, a Judge. The condition of judiciary is poor and our Country needs judges at this point of time, so I will be happy if I can contribute to its improvement.

Do you think, there should be Sessions to help Law Aspirants in understanding what Law Schools are, how do they function and also help Aspirants in choosing best law school suited to their choices and mentoring them to plan their 5 years of College Life?

Ofcourse!! When we are in High School, we only know the names of Law Schools and their ranks and we don’t know actually what they are into. Recently I came to know about NLIU Bhopal that there are some serious internal management problems going in the College. I live in Bhopal, so I came to know about it. But, when it comes to other Law Schools, I have no idea, what’s going there and how they actually are in term of infrastructure, faculty, students, placements, accommodation, etc. In such case, we need people who can help us in providing such relevant information which in turn will help us in choosing best law school provided we meet their eligibility criteria.

We have been told that every year in a law school is very crucial and important. So, we really can’t afford wasting a semester or a year. So we need mentors at the beginning itself who can help us in planning our 5 years and in selecting our cup of tea. We don’t get such advices in our Coaching Classes.

That was a really nice view, Anshuman. LawQ is organizing Summer Legal’18: Summer Course on Law in Bhopal in June, 2018 for Law Aspirants to help them in preparing for CLAT 2019. This Course will also help Aspirants joining Law School this year in planning their life in a law school and their career by providing SHORTCUTS TO SUCCESS IN LAW SCHOOL. We have a panel of students from National Law Schools who are now placed in top law firms of India. So are you interested in pursuing this Course?

Definitely!! It’s a very NICE INITIATIVE!!

I will recommend others to join this Course too because you see this is something which is not taught in Coaching and we are absolutely clueless when it comes to what are the career options in law and how we should plan our 5 years in law school to make them highly productive and by the time we understand the working of a law school and our careers, we have already wasted our crucial first year. It will also be beneficial to Aspirants preparing for CLAT 2019 since they will be having deep knowledge of laws covered by Legal Reasoning Section in CLAT which will ultimately make the paper easy and increase their scoring chances.

I am coming for sure!!

This was Anshuman Shukla from Jawaharlal School, Bhopal, who recently gave 12th Boards (Commerce stream) and appeared for Law Entrance Examinations and is currently preparing for interviews to get admission in Law Schools. He aspires to become a Judge and a part of Judiciary one day. We wish him All the Best for his bright Career, hope we see a good Judge in few years.

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